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Exceptional Cut, Style, and Color

Let our professional stylists give your mane the remarkable hair services it deserves.


Pampering Your Hair

Indulge in the Exceptional at Jung Studio, our professional stylist, are committed to elevating your hair to new heights of excellence.  Discover the epitome of personalized hair services where skill meets innovation.  Explore the array of offerings at our Atlanta-based salon, where every service is meticulously tailored to enhance your unique style.  For a in-depth insight into the unparalleled experience that awaits you at Jung Studio - where your name and hair receive the attention they truly deserve.


precision haircuts for all ages and textures

Our List of Services and Rates 

  • The Style ($68)
    • The hair will be shampooed and conditioned with sulfate-free products. After styling, the hair will be dried with an ionic blow dryer to achieve the client’s desired fullness.

    • The Dry Cut ($110)
    • Discover the Essence of Refinement with Jung Studio's Dry Haircut Service. Specifically designed for first-time clients seeking balance and proportion, our Dry Haircut is conduced on pre-washed, air-dried hair and finished with blow drier and flatiron. 

    • Men’s Cut ($70)

    • Scissor cutting technique designed to complement the natural contours of your head, ensuring a seamless integration with your facial features.  

    • The Child over 6years ($65)

    • The New Press ($85)
    • After The Style treatment, a heat protectant will be applied to the hair. We will use an ionic flatiron for a more polished look for clients with naturally curly hair.

    • Full-Service Haircut ($135)
    • Our comprehensive Full-Service Haircut package is seamlessly combines the indulgence of Wash and Style service with the precision of the Dry Cut Package, individually tailored to enhance each client's unique head shape.  Immerse yourself in the complete grooming experience with this service ensures a harmonious fusion of relaxation and personalized attention, leaving you with a look that transcends the ordinary.

    • The Child Under 6 ($35)

    children haircuts
    corrective coloring

    All Hair Coloring Includes K-18 Treatment and Styling

    • All-Over Color ($78)

    • Root Bleaching and Toning ($220)

    • Bleaching and Toning for Virgin Hair ($250)

    • Add-On for Vibrant Color Effect ($65 to $135)

    custom hairstyles
    • Partial Foil Highlights or Lowlights for Natural Looks ($155)

    • Full Foil Highlights and Lowlights for Natural Looks ($185)

    • Semi-Permanent Color for Toning ($65)

    • Updos ($135) 

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